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Charitable Gifting Through Estate Planning

By October 22, 2015June 5th, 2019No Comments
Photo of Bob and Paula Knight

Bob & Paula KnightThe summer Kyle Knight turned 21, he started feeling sick. After a series of hospital and doctor visits, he and his family learned that he had Type 1 Diabetes.

“We learned very fast what Type 1 is all about,” said his mother Paula. “He immediately had to start learning how to give himself insulin injections and how to test his blood sugar, and he’s had several low blood sugar episodes that could have been fatal if someone hadn’t been around.”

Kyle is 31 now and leads an active life. “He still has complications,” said his father Bob, “but it’s a lot better.” However, “it’s something Kyle can never stop thinking about.”

“And his mother can’t, either,” said Paula. “I don’t want to sugar-coat it. It’s a terrible disease. He’s had seizures, totaled his car. So many things where he shouldn’t even be alive anymore.”

As the Knights struggled alongside their son to learn about the disease and how to manage it, they also learned about JDRF, a national charity dedicated to curing Type 1 Diabetes. More recently, the Knights worked with NW Legacy Law Center to leverage their gifting to JDRF by including JDRF in their estate plan. Thanks to the Legacy Challenge, the result is $2,000 extra for JDRF.

Legacy Challenge Details: include JDRF in your estate plan (will, trust, etc.) before December 31, 2015, and $1,000 will be donated on behalf of each participant by other sponsors to JDRF.

“The fact that in our estate plan we can plan a future donation where it’ll be matched, to help this research, makes us feel good that not only are we getting a sound estate plan but we are also able to participate in a worthy cause that’s close to our hearts and near and dear to our family.” 

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