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We can help you choose the best entity for your business needs.

The type of entity a future business owner chooses to form and the ownership structure is important for a variety of reasons such as how the entity operates, how it will be taxed, how its assets are protected, how it can grow, and its future succession. At NW Legacy Law, our business planning attorneys advise clients in both Washington and Oregon. We help our clients to choose the best entities for their circumstances and goals, the most effective ownership structure, and then guide them so their business ideas can thrive as business realities.

We can meet with you and explain your options for choosing a business entity, as well as the benefits and drawbacks involved for choices, including:

  • Limited Liability Companies (LLC)
  • C corporations
  • S corporations
  • Professional Service Corporations (PS)
  • General and Limited Partnerships
  • Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP)

Once you have decided on the right entity for you, we can assist you in preparing the entity’s formation documents which includes filings made with the Secretary of State, other required state licensing, as necessary, and initial IRS paperwork. We can also assist you in on-going corporate governance along with developing, drafting, negotiating any necessary agreements – including employment contracts, purchase and sale agreements for real estate, and business mergers and acquisitions.

Alternative flat rate fees.

We understand our clients’ need for business budgets when launching a new business or restructuring an established one. We can assist you with respect to your budget by providing high-quality efficient business entity formation service at a known price.

Expedited services available.

At NW Legacy Law we know that business deadlines are ever changing and sometimes present unexpected immediate needs. In response, we are well versed in providing quick turn-around formation services.

Efficient and effective technology management.

At NW Legacy Law we understand that a client’s business time is very valuable. As such, we actively utilize technology to support us in providing effective and efficient follow-through. We support electronic transactions managed via your smartphone or tablet and provide clients with electronic minute books and corporate records.

Our client service approach.

For every client, our service philosophy is to be directly accessible, to add value to every enterprise, and to provide efficient legal advice that advances strategic objectives while protecting the bottom line. We take the time to learn each client’s business so we can serve as an integral part of the team.

Complimentary telephone meet & greet.

To discuss forming your business entity, please contact us at 360-975-7770 to schedule a complimentary 15 minute telephone call with one of our team members.